Under The Northern Sky - Projection/Vision/Reality
Interactive Video Installation
Group Exhibition, Cooke's Studios, Signal Film & Media, Barrow-in-Furness

Projection/Vision/Reality is an interactive video artwork made as part of Signal Film & Media's year long digital art programme Platform. 13 artists from across the North were selected to take part in a development lab which included workshops, talks and mentoring and culminated in a group exhibition: Under The Northern Sky, at Cooke’s Studios between 1st - 16th March 2019.

The work seeks to highlight the concepts of vision and seeing, questioning how this relates to what we perceive as our day-to-day reality. It was created using 2 web cameras which acted as eyes, filming people who walked in front of them. These images were then projected back through a large painted eye into the space, with one image being inverted and a slight delay added, enhancing the uncanny sensation whilst watching your own projected image move.

Comparing the ‘upside-down’ and ‘right way up’ image allows us to consider the way our brains interpret the inverted images they receive from our eyes to construct our everyday reality. This opens a wider conversation about the notion of reality itself and questioning well worn phrases like ‘seeing is believing’. The work was initially inspired by pinhole cameras as well as migraine aura which interrupt the sufferers vision.

Image Credit: Signal Film & Media

Living with...

Living with Fibromyalgia
Interactive Video Installation/Projection Design
WordforWord Theatre, Old Fire Station, Carlisle

The "Living with..." project is a series of four art and performa​nce installations based on invisible disabilities and conditions commissioned by Carlisle City Council and made in collaboration with WordforWord Theatre and Minerva Cumbria. It was performed at The Old Fire Station, Carlisle from June 20th - 23rd 2018.

Amy worked collaboratively with WordforWord on the Fibromyalgia performance strand to produce an interactive video installation to accompany the live art performance.

Projection mapping software was used to project a live video feed of the actors in to the performance space. The actors worked interactively with the video feed by using a go-pro camera to film each other. The video projection worked alongside the performance and sound elements to represent pain in the body as shimmering particles of light.

Lost & Found

Lost Stations – Lost & Found
Interactive Video/Audio Installation
Micro Commission, Cooke's Studios, Signal Film & Media

Lost & Found is a site specific work commissioned by Signal Film & Media as part of their Lost Stations digital art programme. It was installed at Cooke's Studios, Barrow-in-Furness from 21st September - 6th October 2017.

Created using audio interviews conducted with members of the local community, archival film footage and photographs, the installation uses the huge network of disused train stations and lines surrounding Barrow-in-Furness as an entry point to explore personal relationships to the town’s past, present and future.

Projection mapping software Isadora was used to create moving, ghost-like figures, and interactive video elements alongside localised sound. The piece journeys through a desolate space, undulating with the many voices and generations of the town, unearthing the impact of Barrow’s transitions throughout recent history on it’s people and imagining the paths for its future through those who know it best.

Found Constellations

Lost Stations - Found Constellations
Digital image projection, laser cut acrylic
Group Exhibition, Cooke's Studios, Signal Film & Media, Barrow-in-Furness

This work was developed as part of Signal Film & Media's digital art mentoring programme in 2017 led by artist Sam Meech. It forms part of an Arts Council funded digital arts programme Lost Stations, exploring the lost railway lines and industrial heritage of Barrow-in-Furness. The work was installed at Cooke's Studios as part of a group exhibition between 8th - 23rd June 2017.

Using a map of the disused train stations of Cumbria, constellations are formed by joining up the map co-ordinate points. 12 distinct shapes emerged, divided in to areas. These shapes form their own new narrative for each observer, drawing on the brain's inability to resist making it's own patterns and connections. 


Scanner Images

Scanner Images
Digitally produced images

These images were produced as part of an experimental photography course. The overall aim was to think about photography and image production in a different way, using both chemical and digital techniques such as home-made pinhole cameras, scanners and photographic paper to produce images.

Using a scanner as a camera, digital images are made by placing natural objects on the scanner glass, using the scanner's software parameters to produce different effects and outcomes, ranging from microscopic detail to painting-like effects. This provides a way to view the natural objects in a different light and bring out new detail.

Marshland Heaven

Marshland Heaven
Landscape Study - Digital Photography

This landscape study was produced as part of a project to develop artist practice. The aim was to document the interesting and varied landscapes of Cumbria - in particular some of the less well known places.

Following the road from Brugh Marsh to Anthorn in North Cumbria the strange and ethereal landscape of the marsh is eventually interrupted by a wide array of structures – antennas, receivers, and concrete bunkers at Anthorn. The photograph series aims to reflect the way the rugged and barren coastal marshland of the area contrasts with the human-made structures and objects.