Lost Stations - Found Constellations
Digital image projection, laser cut acrylic
Group Exhibition, Cooke's Studios, Signal Film & Media

'Using a map of the disused train stations of Cumbria, constellations are formed. The shapes and patterns that emerge from the points on the map form their own new narrative for each observer.'

This work was developed as part of Signal Film & Media's digital art mentoring programme in 2017 led by artist Sam Meech. It forms part of an Arts Coumcil funded digital arts programme Lost Stations, exploring the lost railway lines and industrial heritage of Barrow-in-Furness.

Scanner Images
Digitally produced images

'Using a scanner as a camera, digital images were produced by placing objects on the scanner glass and scanning the objects, using the scanner's software parameters to produce different effects and outcomes.'

This set of images was produced as part of an experimental photography course. The overall aim was to think about photography and image production in a different way, using both chemical and digital techniques such as home-made pinhole cameras, scanners and photographic paper to produce images.

Marshland Heaven
Digital Photography

'Photographic study of Burgh Marsh and Anthorn in Cumbria: Following the road from Burgh Marsh to Anthorn the rugged and barren marshland is eventually interrupted by a wide array of strange structures – antennas, receivers, and concrete bunkers at Anthorn. A strange and ethereal landscape.'

These images were produced as part of a personal project to document the interesting and varied landscapes of Cumbria. Because Cumbria is so well known for the beautiful landscapes of the Lake District some of the less well known and extremely intriguing landscapes go under the radar.

Looping Memory

'Made combining my own personal archival footage and archival footage from the British Film Council's Film Collection. Exploring the themes of memory I wanted to create the sense that the viewer is akin to a ghost from the present looking in on the people and places of the past.'

This video was produced as part of a personal project in which memory was an important theme - the thought of memory being a loop, not just isolated, but senses and feelings transferred down the generations. I imagined that the people who were shown in the clips might have gotten a strange, fleeting feeling that they couldn't explain as we look in on them from the present.